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Traveling With Ecigs

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Traveling With Ecigs

During this busy time of year, you may find yourself traveling more to see friends and family. Since electronic cigarettes are a constant companion to most vapers, (I mean, who wants to go back to smoking on vacation? No way!) vapers will want to pay attention to the best practices for traveling with ecigs. Here are a few tips for the traveling vaper:

  1. Have backups - an extra battery, an extra charger, a couple coils, a spare bottle of juice. These spare bits may turn out to be a lifesaver if you end up breaking or losing an essential piece of the ecig.
  2. Safety First - When you pack, take extra care to remove batteries from the devices, store them safely in a battery holder, and turn devices off. Make sure your electronic cigarette is kept out of the reach of children. Lock your suitcase!
  3. Know the Rules - If you are driving, you makes the rules. But if you are taking a plane, remember that no electronic cigarettes are permitted in checked baggage. You’ll have to pack it in the carry-on only! 

How to Avoid Burnt Hits

How to Avoid Burnt HitsIf there’s one thing that can ruin your vaping experience, it’s burnt hits. Yuck! If you are a vaper, chances are that you’ve had this happen to you. You take a big pull from your ecig, and boom! Your mouth and lungs are flooded with a burnt, disgusting flavor. How can [...]

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Best Juice for the Holidays

Best Juice for the HolidaysDuring the colder winter months, our tastes change and we look for spicier, desserty flavors to comfort us or cool minty flavors to go along with out candy canes. At 1000ml.me we have a few flavors that will hit just the right spot for winter vapers. Grandma Jean’s Blue Ribbon Cheesecake [...]

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Battery Safety

Battery SafetySafety when using electronic cigarettes is an important concern. Luckily, if you follow just a few simple tips and tricks for battery safety, your pleasant vaping experience won’t be marred by any lost batteries or unexpected upsets. Here are a few brief tips for battery safety:Don’t Stress Your Battery - Don’t overcharge your ecig [...]

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Vape Tricks

Vape TricksImpress your friends with a few simple vape tricks. Learn these in just a few minutes and become the life of the party! Smoke Rings - It is easy to learn to blow smoke rings with just a little practice. First, take a long drag off of your electronic cigarette. Hold the vapor in [...]

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Throat Hit and Vapor Production

Throat Hit and Vapor Production. If you are a new vaper, you may be scratching your head. Just what is are these concepts? You may have never thought about them before, but if you’ve ever vaped (or smoked for that matter) you will know what we mean.Throat hit is the catch in your throat, the [...]

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How Do I Choose Nicotine Strength?

Choosing the right nicotine strength can be a challenge for new vapers. Some folks might be looking to give up nicotine - maybe they had a cigarette habit in the past. And other people just want to try the flavors of electronic cigarettes. Usually those types of vapers have the best experience with zero nicotine [...]

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What’s In Ejuice? - Eliquid Ingredients Explained

Ever wonder what is in your ejuice? What magical liquids come together to give you that perfect vapor cloud from your electronic cigarette? Ejuice ingredients can seem like a mystery, but really they are simply a combination of a few common ingredients. When they are blended together by experience eliquid manufacturers, those couple ingredients become [...]

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30ml 10 Flavor Sample Pack - Test the Whole 1000ml.me Flavor Line

Hopefully by now, you are acquainted with the 10 flavors of 1000ml.me eliquid flavor line. If not, please feel free to go back and review some of our older blog posts. Still having a hard time deciding which one of our 10 premium ejuice flavors to try? No need to worry, because we have the [...]

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1000ml.me’s Divine Dragonfruit - This Flavor Tames the Savage Beast

Enjoy true dragonfruit flavor from 1000ml.me’s Divine Dragonfruit Ejuice. Our dragonfruit ejuice has a crisp flavor, reminiscent of pear, kiwi, and watermelon - but with a fruity flavor all its own. Sweet, subtle, and refreshing, our Divine Dragonfruit is sure to please. Bold enough to tantalize your tastebuds, yet smooth enough for your all day [...]

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