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Battery Safety

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Battery Safety

Safety when using electronic cigarettes is an important concern. Luckily, if you follow just a few simple tips and tricks for battery safety, your pleasant vaping experience won’t be marred by any lost batteries or unexpected upsets. Here are a few brief tips for battery safety:

Don’t Stress Your Battery - Don’t overcharge your ecig battery, or push it to its limits. If your battery doesn’t have a safety cut off, be sure not to take too long of a drag, as this increases the likelihood of battery discharge. Leave the battery on the charger only as long as it needs to be on it, and then remove the battery from the charger.

Store Batteries Safely - Never store your ecig battery unprotected in your pocket, where it can come into contact with loose change, pens, and keys. If you are going to carry an extra with you, make sure that you have a plastic of silicone battery sleeve or other container to carry your 18650. If you are using an internal battery device, make sure that you turn the device off or activate the lock when not in use. 

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