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Best Juice for the Holidays

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Best Juice for the Holidays

During the colder winter months, our tastes change and we look for spicier, desserty flavors to comfort us or cool minty flavors to go along with out candy canes. At 1000ml.me we have a few flavors that will hit just the right spot for winter vapers.

Grandma Jean’s Blue Ribbon Cheesecake - Mmm, creamy, sweet, wholesome dessert flavors for you to enjoy after a big holiday meal. The rich sweetness and milky goodness of Grandma Jean’s Blue Ribbon Cheesecake is a full flavor that will help you enjoy the warm holidays.

Menthol - Cool, crisp menthol opens you up and carries your senses away on a crisp winter air. Pair menthol with candy canes and good company for best results.

Cousin Zeke’s Tobacco Blend - Cousin Zeke’s Tobacco blend is perfect for curling up around the crackling fireplace and surveying the winter blanket of snow from under your own cozy winter blanket. The earthy, warm flavors of our tobacco blend fortify and sustain your senses in winter.

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