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How to Avoid Burnt Hits

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How to Avoid Burnt Hits

If there’s one thing that can ruin your vaping experience, it’s burnt hits. Yuck! If you are a vaper, chances are that you’ve had this happen to you. You take a big pull from your ecig, and boom! Your mouth and lungs are flooded with a burnt, disgusting flavor. How can you prevent burnt hits with your electronic cigarette?

Let it Wick!

It is important to allow the wick the absorb your eliquid before taking a drag. Whether it’s cotton or silica, if the wick has not been fully saturated with ejuice, then when the heat from the coil hits it, you will be getting a big puff of burning wick. This is especially important to remember with higher VG juices. Allow ample time for viscous liquids to soak into your wicking material.

Pick the Right Setting

Another important factor in the avoidance of dry hits is choosing the right setting for your particular electronic cigarette. If your device has variable voltage, variable wattage, or variable temperature, the best bet is to start with the lowest recommended setting and then work your way up from there. These days, most coils are marked with an acceptable range of wattage. Make sure you find out what that is, and start within the safe range to avoid dry, burnt hits.

Don’t Power Vape

The final factor in dry hits with your ecig is over vaping the device. Make sure that you allow the ecig to cool before successive vapes, and that you aren’t taking drag after drag. If you find yourself vaping constantly, it is probably time to consider upping your nicotine levels. But if you are constantly puffing on a hot, dry wick - well, you get the idea. Burnt hit city.

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