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Throat Hit and Vapor Production

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Throat Hit and Vapor Production. If you are a new vaper, you may be scratching your head. Just what is are these concepts? You may have never thought about them before, but if you’ve ever vaped (or smoked for that matter) you will know what we mean.

Throat hit is the catch in your throat, the sharp feeling that you get when you inhale from your ecigarette. To some, it is reminiscent of the same harsh feeling that they get when they smoke a cigarette. Throat hit definitely contributes to a feeling of satisfaction among vapers. Some vapers want to mimic closely the feeling of smoking a cigarette with their electronic cigarette, and throat hit is definitely part of that equation. Propylene glycol is a contributor to throat hit, as well as nicotine strength - higher levels of both give greater throat hit. Aside from carrying the flavor, that is why PG is included in most ejuice recipes.

Vapor production is clouds, baby. More vapor production means more cloud, more milky vapor to breathe in and out. Vegetable glycerin gives the vapor production in eliquid, as does wide open airflows and low resistance, sub ohm coils. High VG eliquids give greater vapor production, as well as tweaking the other variables mentioned - increasing airflow and lowering ohm resistance. It is extremely satisfying to see that huge plume of vapor emit from your lungs when you take a long drag from your electronic cigarette.

At 1000ml.me, we strive to balance throat hit with vapor production, that’s how we came up with our perfect vaping blend of 80 VG / 20 PG. This mixture gives just the right amount of throat hit with tons of vapor. You can try it yourself any time by choosing one of our 1000ml bulk ejuice bottles or with our 10 flavor ejuice sample pack. Check us out today! 

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