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Traveling With Ecigs

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Traveling With Ecigs

During this busy time of year, you may find yourself traveling more to see friends and family. Since electronic cigarettes are a constant companion to most vapers, (I mean, who wants to go back to smoking on vacation? No way!) vapers will want to pay attention to the best practices for traveling with ecigs. Here are a few tips for the traveling vaper:

  1. Have backups - an extra battery, an extra charger, a couple coils, a spare bottle of juice. These spare bits may turn out to be a lifesaver if you end up breaking or losing an essential piece of the ecig.
  2. Safety First - When you pack, take extra care to remove batteries from the devices, store them safely in a battery holder, and turn devices off. Make sure your electronic cigarette is kept out of the reach of children. Lock your suitcase!
  3. Know the Rules - If you are driving, you makes the rules. But if you are taking a plane, remember that no electronic cigarettes are permitted in checked baggage. You’ll have to pack it in the carry-on only! 

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