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Vape Tricks

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Vape Tricks

Impress your friends with a few simple vape tricks. Learn these in just a few minutes and become the life of the party!

Smoke Rings - It is easy to learn to blow smoke rings with just a little practice. First, take a long drag off of your electronic cigarette. Hold the vapor in your throat. Shape your lips into an “O” and flatten your tongue against the bottom of your mouth. Than give a little cough or puff to exhale a small amount of vapor. If you have everything right, you will see smoke rings start to form.

Vapenado - Make a twister from your vapor by first taking a big drag from your ecig. Then exhale the vapor slowly and directly onto a tabletop in a windless room. Then, place your fingers together and put it down into the vapor collected on the table. Then, in a quick and controlled manner, lift your hand up to cause the air to rise in a spinning vapenado! 

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